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For more than 10 years, Percetakan Wen Wai has helped countless satisfied business owners, entrepreneurs and dreamers create expertly designed custom marketing for various industries. Our website is intended to help you find the products you need and to create a look you love.


We pride ourselves on innovation and delivering the latest technology the printing world has to offer. Apart from super-fast, economical yet high-end service, Percetakan Wen Wai believes in creativity, attention to detail, style and functionality.

All of our packages are made from safe materials, and each of our packaging solutions goes through extensive quality testing. We are committed to providing excellence in service, quality and value by developing mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers, and suppliers. We pride ourselves in customising quality products at affordable prices and tailor our services to suit your individual business needs.

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We offer a wide array of custom designing options for all types of packaging with affordable rates that meet the budget range. You will have full liberty to choose the size, material and finishing options for your order, which means that your packaging will be personalised to your needs.

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It’s more than just ink on paper to us. With our Offset, Digital and Large-Format machines, we handle most paper-based substrates from Business Cards to Customized Brochures and a dozen of other products we offer you potential means to increase your sales.

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Are you looking for high quality and affordable ready-made packaging to present your product in? We supply a huge range of packaging supplies to gift boxes, food packaging, cardboard boxes and more!

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